Welcome to Compass Iron Works

For over a decade we have been custom bending and shaping iron for distinctive gates, decor, fences and railings.  Our master craftsmen collaborate with architects, interior designers, landscape architects and homeowners to hand build one-of-a-kind creations to beautify and secure homes. Did you know wrought iron is enjoying a re-surging popularity in affluent homes everywhere? Compass stands at the forefront of this movement with elegance, integrity and tradition in our hands. Our work graces homes in New York City, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Washington, DC.

Please take a few minutes to browse this website and get to know us – how we work and what we have done for others. Be sure to visit our Photo Gallery. Then, order the Design Guide which will help you create your own masterpiece. Doing so will admit you to an exclusive club of homeowners who know the value of wrought iron, custom built to reflect your preferences, style and character.

During the process we will be available to work hand in glove with you to develop the best design to exhibit your home to its fullest potential and most stunning effect. Just imagine the endless possibilities!

The first step is to order our DESIGN GUIDE for a complete description of your options. Make your selections. Then call us for a no obligation phone consultation on how best to proceed. We eagerly anticipate hearing your ideas.


At Compass Ironworks, we carry into the 21st century the Amish traditions in which our artistic sensibilities have been forged: honesty, integrity, dedication to family, community, and craft. We do no mass-production here; every creation reflects your unique needs. As master craftsmen, we work with traditional and 21st century tools, but at the end of the day we close the doors and leave our tools at the shop, not to be touched until the next workday begins.
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