LOVE Sculpture

The LOVE sculpture is quite popular, and a wedding facility wanted this for the bride and groom to take photos, or the entire wedding party to drape themselves over this exceptional scupture. Created out of 3/16″ aluminum plate 3 ft. deep, 6 ft. wide and 6 ft. high, the color […] Read more »

Captivating Bar Rail

The client wanted a bar rail to match their Iron grills we had made for the wine cellar doors. To keep the same visual dimension, they wanted 1-1/2” square solid bar twisted as tight as possible. The challenge was to radius the square twisted bar to fit the bar radius. […] Read more »

Exceptional Spiral Staircase

An exceptional shore home required double floating helical stairs, to suit the client’s desire of “A stair like nothing else in the world.” There also was a need for a set of double spiral stairs in the back of the house as well. One goal of Compass Ironwork is to meet […] Read more »