About Us

Started in 1998, Compass Ironworks is a family-owned business based in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. A unique combination of traditional and modern lifestyles is common in the area surrounding the company, where horse and buggy rigs mingle with the cars on the road.

Lancaster County is internationally known for its skilled artisans, impeccable craftsmanship, and dedicated work ethic. This is a fitting location for the work of Compass Ironworks, where, in a 15,000 square foot shop, centuries old decorative iron styles are being fashioned by a talented team of less than ten artisans, using modern tools and up-to-date, highly-durable finishing techniques. It is a place where craftsmen can work at their trade and still watch their neighbors as they work in the fields, planting, cultivating and finally harvesting the crops of corn and hay, seeing the beauty of nature and drawing inspiration for their work.

Compass Ironworks serves the entire Mid-Atlantic region with custom iron work for the mainland estates as well as the waterfront manors by the sea, and wherever the elegance and integrity of old world quality of wrought iron is desired.


Compass Ironworks is a member of various design groups and organizations. This translates into more relationships in which we can share our expertise in our field and assist architects who have questions about wrought iron design protocol. We also provide special services to meet their clients’ needs. Our memberships and affiliations include:


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Giving Back

We support The Clinic for Special Children. The Clinic for Special Children is a non-profit medical and diagnostic service for children with inherited metabolic disorders in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Visit The Clinic for Special Children  to learn more.


Remodeling and Home Design

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