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  At the Architectural Digest Show, Compass Ironworks will be showcasing great design, excellent craftsmanship, utilizing 97-100% recycled material and with a durable finish that withstands harsh elements at the shore, yet is 99.99% reclaimable and VOC free. Compass Iron Security will be providing attendees to see cutting edge technology in […] Read more »

Refurbishing a beautiful railing with history behind it

In the early 1900’s, a Dupont heir built an exquisite estate outside of Wilmington DE. The original couple had past away and for the last few decades their heirs left it maintain itself. There was original ironwork on the back of the property installed into flagstone. The holes in the […] Read more »

The Mouse House Pergola Refurbishing

The Mouse House was originally built as a carriage house around 1900. Olga Hirshorn was the widow of Joesph Hirshorn, who accumulated one of the largest art collections of the 20th century and whose collection filled 197,000 sq. ft. in the Hirshorn Museum in Washington, DC. Olga used the Mouse […] Read more »