Apartment Building Railing with Loafer Top

A Pre-War upscale apartment building had extensive garden areas and wanted an authentic looking wrought fence. the design was inspired by Ironwork at the Empire State Building and the peace symbol. After going through extensive design, they determined all posts to be solid material. The finish spec’d was CIW 2135-I […] Read more »

Glass Railing by the Sea

A client had a beautiful shore home and had done beautiful forged aluminum deck railings. They had a gorgeous pool area between the house and sea wall. they wanted to preserve the panoramic views but have the safety of a railing on the sea wall. So glass was the material […] Read more »

Stylish NYC Home with Contemporary Railings

An interior designer was completely redesigning a residence and really wanted to do something special with the stair railing. the desire was uber contemporary and linear. Different designs were explored and discarded. Then the idea was presented of mixing square bar material with rectangular bar material for a more dimensional […] Read more »