Glass Railing by the Sea

A client had a beautiful shore home and had done beautiful forged aluminum deck railings. They had a gorgeous pool area between the house and sea wall. they wanted to preserve the panoramic views but have the safety of a railing on the sea wall. So glass was the material […] Read more »

ASLA Philadelphia 2018 Recap

After months of design and planning, our new booth received accolades and created a wow factor for all attendees. Our Japanese Maple Tree Iron Sculpture created raves on it’s life-like reality. The forged squirrels that were hiding in the tree garnered some gushes on their cuteness. Even the planter the […] Read more »

Contemporary Floating Stairs

  We were asked to design a contemporary floating stair for a shore home. the design intent was for it to be modern in design, but to use traditionally materials such as stone for treads and foraged aluminum railings.   Because of the proximity to the beach, we utilized 2″ […] Read more »