Stylish NYC Home with Contemporary Railings

An interior designer was completely redesigning a residence and really wanted to do something special with the stair railing. the desire was uber contemporary and linear. Different designs were explored and discarded. Then the idea was presented of mixing square bar material with rectangular bar material for a more dimensional […] Read more »

ASLA Philadelphia 2018 Recap

After months of design and planning, our new booth received accolades and created a wow factor for all attendees. Our Japanese Maple Tree Iron Sculpture created raves on it’s life-like reality. The forged squirrels that were hiding in the tree garnered some gushes on their cuteness. Even the planter the […] Read more »

Creative Design Used in Multiple Areas of Stylish Home

The clients wanted beautiful masonry flooring on these balconies, which meant anchoring through the floor was not an option for the solid aluminum railings. So we came up with a creative flair, using custom forged aluminum scrolls for side mounting below the balcony floor. This gave theses extraordinary, solid aluminum […] Read more »