Hand Forged, Classic, and Elegant Stair Railing

 The client, architect and builder went through numerous design concepts looking for something that would fit the personality of their home. The client saw some design element from the Ralph Lauren Flagship Store and through a collaboration with Compass Ironwork’s, we’re able to incorporate a style that aligned with their design sensitivities. The objective was for the design to be as open as possible without violating code and still have the classic elegance and character as it would have been created 100 years ago.


The design entailed hand-forged roll ups for scroll ends and was a creative forged overlap joint implemented. The finish was an antique blackening method where it was a scotch brited by hand aggressively to bring out the natural silvery metal hue. It also highlighted the inherent texture of metal, the hammer marks and inconsistencies. From a color strategy, it had a silver/gray hue up close, but from across the room it looked traditional black. Though the whole project was hand rubbed with renaissance wax, it really conveyed the look of an authentic Wrought Iron railing.

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  1. Becca Holton says:

    This metal stair railing is gorgeous. It complimented the wooden stairs nicely. I think it would be lovely to have steel railing with a similar design created for my home.

  2. This Wrought Iron Railing is incredible and I love the antique renaissance design that was created. Whenever I look at architecture, intricate and unique designs is something I have always admired. This must have been a fun project to work on and turned out amazing. Whenever I own my future home, I definitely want to hire a professional Iron Railing who can make my imagination come to life.

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