Spring Time Puppy Love

Susie’s house dog has the cutest Yorkie puppies, Twinkle (Top), Twilight (Bottom), and Tigger (Middle). They are 3rd generation house dogs in Susie’s family. To have puppies more socialized would be impossible as these were born in the family room and raised beside the couch! House training has been started and they LOVE playing with the children.
It has been said that a baby will have a higher IQ if they receive more love and attention at a young age. These Yorkshire Terrier puppies definitely garner their share of attention, from when the children get up in the morning til they go to bed at night.
The mother, Cindi, is an extremely intelligent family dog. She even understands PA Dutch, knows how to play dead, jump through hoops, and can even play Hide and Seek. She is an excellent little house guard dog and will bark as soon as any stranger or non-family member comes into the house. She is also a great companion for Susie and has provided many hours of pleasant past time.
So if you are desiring a great companion for someone large or small, young or old, any of these puppies should be a great addition to your family. Call us today at (717) 442-8050 and leave a message with which puppy you like. This unique opportunity won’t last. $1,850 each. They are registered, have their shots, wormed, and vaccines. They are 5 weeks old and will be ready for a new home by May 5th. Just in time to make your days brighter and provide you with plenty of puppy love. : )

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